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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you have no idea where that came from and you're saying you've done nothing of the sort? >> i've done nothing of the sort. like i said i can only speculate where it came from, but no, i can't point to this or that individual or group of individuals and say they started it. >> a kent state professor under investigation by the fbi for alleged ties to isis is refuting their claims. julio pino returned to campus this afternoon to continue teaching his classes. >> and our bob jones was first
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his home as he headed to work. he told newschannel5 that the first time he even heard of the investigation was from our news reports and the 18-month investigation that claims pino is sympathetic to isis and tried to recruit students to join the group. ebels people are spreading rumors because he had been politically outspoken in the past. a spokesperson says there has employment status. that's because he's a tenured professor. >> frank, with these allegations against pino, we wanted to know what does it take to fir a tenured teacher and what kind of legal offer. megan, what did the experts tell you today? >> reporter: i spoke with two today. they told me tenure protects academic freedoms but it's not guarantee.
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worried about his job. >> every tenured professor gets the same protection, and in the only that, but obviously the bill of rights as well. >> reporter: but as the national education association points out, the constitution protects free speech but it doesn't protect employment. the american association of university procedures tells me that's where ten quarter steps in. >> in some cases, it's tenure that protects it. in other cases, it is a contract that protects it. >> reporter: the aaup kent state chapter serves as the collective bargaining unit. the contract doesn't lay out specifics for termination but it does say the university retains the right to terminate due to quote, unsatisfactory performance. >> academic dishonesty, around
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play gurrism -- plagiarism to serious criminal activity. that would generally be grounds for dismissal. >> reporter: but right now pino is only under investigation. whether charges are filed, tenure is protecting pino's job. >> if there's no crime, and people just happen to be upset with something that he said, then, yes, the purpose of tenure is to protect that. >> reporter: today pino told newschannel5 that he has no plans to step down. megan hickey, newschannel5. new tonight at 6:00, police need your help finding a person responsible for robbing an elderly couple. >> reporter: the couple got a knock on the door from a man claiming he had done roofing work.
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do some inspections because he noticed some shingles might be leaking. once inside, a woman distracted the couple and the man stole items including a wedding ring. police released this surveillance video from a department store in pittsburgh where the suspects made purchases with a stolen credit card. >> to have someone come in and literally take these memories away is what they did. >> reporter: police remind homeowners to not let anyone inside if they did not call the person to their home.
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bass, newschannel5. officers say they found a 56-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his head. police have not said if the death was a homicide or a suicide. new tonight, an elyria mother is facing endangerment charges after one of her children was found wandering around outside without a coat. the child was standing at prospect and garford. a by stander called. when they went to the child's home a two-year-old was found sleeping in her crib but there was no adult inside. officers say the mother, tina carroll, had to them she left to pick up her other children from school. new at 6:00, a call for change. we learn today a new committee will review the grand jury process. >> reporter: grand juries review evidence and determine if there is enough to charge
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the county's top judge says he wants to look at the process and he wanted to do so long before it made headlines during the tam miles an hour rice case. we closely monitored the grand jury that decided against the case. there was so much media attention the courts even went to the extreme step of putting up curtains to protect the privacy of those called to testify. in a statement today, the judge noted recent cases have brought attention to the grand jury process but said it played no role in his decision to initiate a comprehensive review. in the newsroom, sarah buduson, newschannel5.
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a second child has died after a house fire. it happened in west columbus. that's according to our affiliate. that fire started overnight and the children became trapped inside the basement level of the apartment building. firefighters had removed metal bars from the windows to reach the four and five-year-olds. plans have been made to remember and honor a police officer killed in an ambush in danville. it happened earlier this week. officer thomas cottrell's body was found outside of a mu. police say they received a 911 call that a man later identified as hershel jones had left his home with the intent to kill an officer. more details. calling hours are from 2:00 to 4:00, then again 6:00 to. the fap rail is set for 11:00 a.m.
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newark at 0 -- at ohio state. a group in texas is flying out a new canine officer to serve in place of jett through who was shot and died. the suspect is expected to make another appearance tomorrow. plenty of bread and milk on the grocery store shelves, frank, because flurries, not a ohio. winter storm warnings out southern ohio including athens down to charleston, but nothing here for greater cleveland, akron, canton, or. i'm going to show you our current temperatures. i'm going to bring that up for you. watch this.
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notice how cold we are. 24 degrees in cleveland, akron, and medina. let's show you your hour by hour forecast. where are you going? lower 20s through 11:00 p.m., into the middle and upper teens as we head toward the morning commute on friday morning. there is a little bit of rain coming our way in the next seven days. we'll detail that next. after what has seemed a bumpy ride on the stock market, for the last week all three trading markets ended on the up side today. the dow jones ended the day in the green with 115 points. yesterday it saw a nearly 500- point drop at its lowest point. the nasdaq ended .3 up and the s & p nine points. new job numbers released show there was an increase in unemployment applications. weekly benefit applications rose more than 10,000 but that number is compared to expected seasonal playoffs. but overall the number of
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aid has fallen nearly 9% in the last year. and still ahead on newschannel5 at 6:00 -- >> an emergency radio system with a rocky start. firefighters having problems with timely starts in one area. and a look at this new roller coaster and when they expect to open it. if you see news happening,
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new at 6:00, brand-new information about an investigation we've been following for you for months. our investigators were the first to tell you about a communication issue in euclid. >> that's right. so-called dead spots in buildings made it difficult for firefighters responding to calls but that's all changing, jonathan, you spoke with fire officials today. >> it has been a process for the fire department to figure out a new system and test various areas in the city, physically walk and using the
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line, can you hear me now? can you hear me now? >> when we initially switched over to the new radio system we did discover some in- building coverage issues. >> reporter: i was there in july as they checked their radios in stairwells, garages, and hallways of high-rise buildings. >> i'm going to tray now on fire channel 1. >> you can proceed with your test. >> reporter: chris haddock is the chief. after collecting months of data -- >> there's always going to be some spots we're not able to communicate in. >> reporter: one work-around is a mobile repeater that can go to the scene. >> in those dead spots, when we push the emergency button, that works. that overpowers it. >> reporter: chief haddock said the mobile repeater has greatly assisted his staff, and there's now consideration of buying additional units to further. >> the bottom line, we need to have great communication.
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place to ensure that. >> reporter: now, grant money helped pay for new radios and his confidence now in the system, well, in his words, quote, 100%. if there was any doubt in my mind that we shouldn't use it, we wouldn't. with this on your side update, jonathan walsh, newschannel5. >> i know we're not experiencing the kind of weather that you really want to be on a roller coaster right now, but the excitement is red hot at cedar point for their newest roller coaster. the theme park releasing this video of the valraven. it's going to be the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the world. it will hold you for four second at the edge of a 90- degree drop. my heart just dropped. then you are going to plummet face first toward the ground. >> the way you sit in the
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that high vertical drop, over 200 feet. you can't get that anywhere else. >> that's why i love cedar point. construction started after labor day. it is rate on track for the world premier in may. i know you can't wait. >> i can't wait. talk about slippery roads out there, hundreds of cars in washington, d.c., they spun out last night. look at that. because of the current storm headed their way only an inch of snow fell and the untreated roads caused more than 160 cars to collide with each other or just plain run off of the road. that is a dangerous scary situation. one inch of snow. >> one inch of snow and that's what happened. >> didn't treat the roads. >> they're going get 20 inches in the next 48 hours. >> the storm has just begun. here. we can handle an inch of snow.
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>> don't touch the equipment. scotty, beam me up. >> please beam him up. >> this is the tower cam button. if you press that button, will you change from one camera to another. press it one more time. there's our live look at downtown cleveland. nice job. give it back, give it back. next thing you know, they'll replace me with you. cleveland downtown, cloudy skies, maybe a flurry in your neighborhood. that's all you are going to see snowfall-wise, in fact, for the next couple of days. all you are going to see, a couple of flurries trying to move on shore in north perry and painesville and madison. as far south as southern geauga county, a flurry or two. even lorain county looks like a flurry. that will stretch into medina. current thermometer reading chilly. that's the main weather story for northern ohio.
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the wider shot showing ray celeb that -- ravenna 22. the good news is we're only going to drop into the middle teens. it's not going to be a major winter storm event here for northern ohio over the next couple of days. winds slightly south of west at 5 miles per hour. very light. 24 degrees with a dew point of 14, very dry air in place. 10 degrees, lower than normal for the high. should be at 34. we're at 24. here's the winter storm. let's crank it up. the center of the low pulling out of texas, stirring up tornado watches, even some tornado warnings for mississippi and louisiana. that's on the warm side of the storm. the cold side, you are going to watch the snow really get going beginning tonight up into tennessee and kentucky. there it goes. look at all that snow.
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blizzard warning out for d.c. and baltimore and philadelphia could experience a blizzard as well with anywhere from 15 to 22 inches of snow for those major cities. new york city could get a foot of snow by sunday evening, by the time this is all said and done. so travel that way is going to be daysy for the next couple of days. for us quiet weather, cloudy skies. 16 for the low. no winter storm impact here with the exception of some clouds, maybe a flurry. that's it. 28 tomorrow, mainly cloudy. a little bit milder. we'll call 28 warmer considering where we've been the past few days. 15 tonight for oak crone- canton, mainly cloudy -- for akron-canton. tomorrow staying cold. saturday dry, 28. sunday mid-30s. a cloud/sun mix. monday 21. we'll get another cold front. scattered snow in the afternoon. temperatures are going to fall
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afternoon rush so could be a little slow tuesday. not a blizzard, danita and frank. >> no, we could be experiencing what they're about to get on the east coast so we're not complaining. >> do you realize i've known mark since we were freshmen, and he has never once let me touch the clicker. browns roll out the new bosses. and lebron -- didn't work. that's why i can't use the
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i get it. not only i but we. we're going to have to go out and prove that we can belong and that we had a value at the end of the day. >> that's sashi brown and paul depodesta. they are setting the framework for the future. lauren has what else you can expect in the blueprint for the future. >> reporter: sashi brown and paul depodesta officially introducing their new front office positions here. lots of questions about analytics and the roster. they both agreed they need a strong system in place. analytics expected to aid in that process. >> we haven't been in these discussions.
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what some of the analytics are going to tell us. for us it's about how you actually implement it. how can you have it be part of your system so that it actually improves your process or improves your decision making. >> reporter: they won't specifically discuss any decisions about the report but they did say they need impact players at impact positions and they specifically said about the quarterback position they need a guy that can be here for a period of years and drive continued success. they did say when implementing their plan they expect to make mistakes along the way but overall they're working to prove that they belong. the cavaliers host the clippers tonight. blake griffin still out with that left knee injury. a balanced attack against the knicks. kevin love and lebron james both had 17 points. >> we want to move the ball from side to side, and who
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shots, we want them to take it. we had the ball moving from side to side the other day and it helped spread the wealth. >> hey kids, on saturday night in prime time the cavaliers at nbc. we'll have the cavs in prime time. >> and keep the ball going from side to side, okay. >> let him coach.
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